Is moving from California to Texas worth it?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans decide to pack up their life and move across the country. These days, the most popular state for Americans to move to is Texas. In fact, around 500,000 people a year choose to flock to Texas. A move to Texas has been an especially popular choice for Californians. According to Bloomberg, more than 1 in 10 new residents in Texas are from California. In 2018, a whopping 85,000 Californians moved to Texas. So, what is the root of this trend? Why are Californians moving to Texas? Is it worth moving from California to Texas? 

Moving from California to Texas
An abandoned old barn with the symbol of Texas painted on the roof sits in a rural area of the state, framed by farmland.

Why Are People Moving From California to Texas?

There are a number of similarities between the Golden State and Lone Star State. Both states have bustling economies that are full of opportunities and a good quality of life. 


Everything is bigger in Texas

California and Texas are the two most populated states in the country, so it makes sense why you may want to trade one for the other. Though California is more populated, Texas comes in second. The population of California is 39.2 million, while the population of Texas is 29.5 million. In terms of land mass, Texas is the bigger state. California stretches for 163,696 square miles, while Texas is far larger at 268,597 square miles. 


Like California, Texas also has a variety of cities to choose from that can appeal to a wide array of different lifestyles. 

Here are some of the best cities to move to in Texas:


It’s no surprise that Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. This dynamic city is home to some of the best tech opportunities in the world, as well as plenty of delicious food and vibrant music. Austin is home to the SXSW festival that showcases new movies, hip bands and tech advancements as well as Austin City Limits — one of the coolest music festivals around. 


Dallas is frequently ranked as one of the best cities in Texas due to its safe and welcoming environment for families. Dallas is also a wonderful choice for young professionals and artists. Dallas is home to plenty of vibrant areas including Deep Ellum, Bishop Arts District and Knox-Henderson. 


Houston is the place to go if you love Texas BBQ and Cowboy culture. Houston is home to the famous rodeo as well as tons of fun Barbecue and Tex-Mex restaurants. Houston is also a place where arts and culture flourish. There are plenty of museums in Houston dedicated to history, fine art and contemporary art. 

Excellent Universities

Texas is a great destination for higher education when it comes to both public and private universities. Texas is known for their world class University of Texas system as well as Texas A&M. Texas is also famous for being home to Rice University, Baylor University and Southern Methodist. 


Texas offers an excellent atmosphere for sports fans, particularly when it comes to major league and college football. People in Texas love to root for the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Longhorns. 

Warm climate

The climate in Texas is far more humid and subtropical than in California. Whereas California has a dry, mediterranean climate, Texas heat can be unbearably humid. That being said, Texas has mild winters and a generally comfortable climate year round, except for the summers, when it can get disgustingly hot. 

It’s Cheaper in Texas!

One of the primary draws to Texas for Californians is that The Lone Star State is a significantly more affordable place to live. In terms of cost of living, Texas, is on average, 19.5% cheaper than California. This figure includes costs like rent, groceries, restaurants, healthcare and transportation. Furthermore, when it comes to housing costs, real estate in Texas is notably cheaper, which can be huge for young families looking to relocate. Whereas the median home price in California is $798,000, the median home price in Texas is $421,895.

Strong Economy

At $3.4 trillion, California’s economy is bigger than Texas in terms of GDP, however at $2 trillion, Texas is a close second. 

Though annual salaries may be lower in Texas than California, Texas has a robust economy and a low unemployment rate of 3.8%. Texas has plenty of job growth (4.3%) and employment opportunities in the following fields: tech, finance, management, business, engineering, oil fields, manufacturing, education, healthcare and service. 

Moreover, plenty of California based companies have relocated to Texas in recent years including Tesla, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Aeromax and Charles Schwab. 

Lower taxes

Another awesome thing about moving to Texas is that Texas is one of the few U.S states where you do not have to pay any income tax! This can be a huge benefit to increasing your income. Moreover, sales tax in Texas (6.25%) is also lower than in California (7.5%).


Many forget that Texas has 360 miles of gorgeous coastline! The Lone Star State is right on the Gulf of Mexico, which is full of cute seaside towns and boardwalks, similar to the ones you may find in California, across the Pacific Ocean. The Gulf Coast is perfect for beach vacations, surfing, snorkeling and hanging with the family during the summer. 

Delicious Food

Texas is a budding culinary capital. In addition to Southern food, Barbecue, Tex-Mex, Chile and Brisket, you can also find plenty of fine dining restaurants, Japanese cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, Korean cuisine, French cuisine, Indian food, Italian cuisine, and hundreds of other delicious options! Cities like Austin, San Antonio and Houston are frequently rivaling one another to be crowned the culinary capital city of Texas. 

Reasons not to move to Texas from California:

So while there are plenty of reasons to ditch California for Texas, there are also some drawbacks to Texan life. 

Low minimum wage

The truth is that Texas has a very low minimum wage. Texas adopts the federal minimum wage of $7.25, while California implements a $15 wage, almost double that. 

HOT weather

The summers in Texas can be quite unbearable. Sometimes, Texas residents have to face weeks of triple digit heat, like they did in 2022. 

Less beachfront 

California’s coastline is 840 miles long, which means that Cali life is often synonymous with the beach. In Texas, while you can reach the beach, most cities are quite far away. The coastline is also quite a bit smaller in Texas. 

Political views

The two states differ widely in their political stances on issues. This can be a deterrent if you do not agree with the general political climate of Texas. That being said, Texas is a diverse state with various enclaves where you can find like minded people. 

Ready to move from California to Texas?

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