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Moving Checklist to help you plan your move!

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Moving Checklists

Stay organized for moving day by printing out our moving checklist. Make sure to call your utility company before your move!


Don’t wait last minute to book your move. Start researching moving companies at least 6-8 weeks before your move.

Moving Checklist

8 Weeks Before The Move:
  • Research moving companies in your area
  • Give notice to your landlord
  • Start organizing and preparing your budget
  • Start acquiring packing supplies
  • Start measuring furniture to make sure it will fit in your new place
6 Weeks Before The Move:
  • Request time off from work
  • Book the movers
  • Start decluttering your space (get rid of old furniture, old clothes, old appliances that you won’t be bringing with you).
  • Consider holding a garage sale
  • Donate unwanted items to neighbors, friends or local organizations
4 Weeks Before The Move:
  • Create an inventory of your belongings
  • Label all boxes and start packing belongings that you don’t use every day
  • Notify your child’s school of the move
  • Figure out if you are going to need a storage unit
  • Schedule your car to be shipped
2 Weeks Before The Move:
  • Contact your utility companies, internet providers, subscriptions, memberships
  • Pack your suitcases with belongings that you will need for the next 2 weeks
  • Contact healthcare provider
  • Set up mail forwarding to new address
  • Confirm with moving company that everything is scheduled
1 Week Before The Move:
  • Organize kitchen perishables and start dealing with food items that you can’t take with you
  • Deep clean your home (or schedule cleaners to come)
  • Change your addresses, transfer your prescriptions
  • Update driver’s license
  • Start furniture disassembly
Day Before Moving Day:
  • Take out cash to tip movers
  • Acquire water bottles and snacks for moving day
  • Take out trash and throw away all perishables
  • Set your alarm for an early wakeup
  • Do a final walk through to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind
Moving Checklist
Now, that you’ve gone through your moving checklist, it’s time to get excited for your move!