10 Reasons To Move To Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. With over 116 new residents each day, Austin is gaining popularity fast. Whether or not that is true for you largely depends on what you are looking for in a city. However, many are confident that Austin may soon become one of the best big cities in America. We’ve compiled a list of reasons to move to Austin to better understand what this Texas capital has to offer.

Downtown Austin, Texas

Top 10 reasons that you should move to Austin, Texas:

There are probably a million reasons to move to Austin, but here are just 10!


One of the primary reasons for relocating to Austin, is due to the booming job market. In the past few years alone, numerous Fortune 500 companies have opened regional headquarters there including Google, Dell, General Motors, Visa, Facebook, Oracle Tesla and so on. Moreover, by 2030, the Austin metro area is projected to add 180,000 new jobs.

  1. Higher salary.

The average salary in Austin, TX is $75,752 which is far more than the nationwide average of $56,310. Due to the plethora of job opportunities, Austin is a great city to grow your career and make the connections to achieve all of your desired professional goals. 

  1. Lower cost of living

Despite the top tier salaries available to residents in Austin, the cost of living remains relatively low. Of course, with an influx of new residents this can change, however the city of Austin has been developing new neighborhoods to accommodate for the population growth. The average cost for a 1 bedroom in central Austin is $1,725, which is far cheaper than NYC or LA. In fact, the cost of living in Austin is around 43% less than NYC.

Note: the affordability of Austin depends a bit on where you are moving from. If you are moving to Austin from a rural part of the U.S, then Austin may seem more expensive. 

  1. No state income tax!

Texas is one of the 9 American states where you don’t have to pay any state income tax. This can be a huge financial benefit to anyone thinking about moving to Austin, especially if you are moving for work. 

  1. Good weather & sunshine

Whereas the northeast experiences extreme heat and cold, the weather in Austin is far more mild. The winters are short and the summers are long, which means that you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors. The average temps for 7 months of the year are in the 70s. Austin is also famous for its nonstop sunshine, boasting over 300 days a year of sun! The only downside about Austin weather is that the summers can get unbearably hot.

  1. Nature

Austin is located on a number of beautiful lakes: Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Lady Bird Lake and Lake Walter E. Long. The large concentration of lakes allows for tons of outdoor activities such as boating, wakeboarding, kayaking, diving and swimming. The Barton Springs pool is a really lovely place to spend summers and early autumns. 

Barton Springs Pool!
  1. Endless things to do!

One of the main reasons people stay in cities like NY and LA is because they fear that moving to another city will equal a slower pace of life. In Austin, there are many of the same amenities you would find in NY or LA including fitness classes, fine dining, cool coffee shops, juice bars, nightlife and so forth. 

  1. Delicious food

Austin is famous for its food and restaurant culture! Due to its homegrown Tex-Mex cuisine, there are a bunch of iconic dining establishments famous for their delicious tacos and burritos like Matt’s El Ranchero, Torchy’s Tacos and DK Maria’s. In addition to Tex-Mex, there are numerous other cuisines to try in Austin including Texas Barbecue, Latin American, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and more. 

  1. Safety!

Austin is ranked in the top 10 safest big cities in America. In a 2020 FBI Crime Data report, Austin was ranked 11th in safety for crimes against a person. The study found that the level of violent crime in the city is well below the national average.  

  1. Music Festivals

Another great reason to move to Austin is to enjoy the music scene. Austin is full of music venues and festivals like Austin City Limits. Austin is sometimes referred to as the “Live Music Capital of the World” with the chance to listen to blues, rock, country and all other genres. Another cool festival in Austin is SXSW, which takes place every Spring and showcases concerts, movies, tech developments and more. 


Austin is an exciting and bustling place for many young families and professionals to come enjoy, build and grow their lives. The city is predicted to become bigger and bigger by 2040, anticipating a population growth of an additional 750,000 by that year. 

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