Tips For Moving In The Winter

While the winter may be the most wonderful time of year for a lot of things! However, moving is not one of them!

The winter is a great time of year for going skiing, enjoying the holidays and spending cozy evenings with your family. But, unfortunately, the winter is not necessarily ideal for moving. 

In the winter, the moving process can get even more challenging due to inclement weather disrupting traffic, and potential road closures. In addition, moving during the winter can be increasingly unpleasant due to the general discomfort caused by cold weather. 

Moving in the winter? Here are some tips to make it easier!


When moving in the winter, you can actually save money!

Moving is actually cheaper in the winter, because this is the off season for moving companies. People typically tend to move in the summer which means that you can potentially score a better deal if you move in the winter. The money you save on moving in the winter can come in handy when dealing with any potential problems that may arise at your new home after you move in. 

Make sure your appliances don’t freeze…

If you are moving in below freezing temps, be sure to drain all of your appliances because they can freeze in transit. This applies to washing machines, dryers, lawnmowers, snowblowers and so forth. You can hire professionals to make sure that they disconnect the hoses properly. 

Also be sure to defrost your freezer for at least 24 hours before your move. 

Cold weather can potentially damage electronics as well. If you have an LCD screen TV or electronics that use lead-acid batteries, it can be helpful to wrap sensitive electronics in moving blankets. 

If you can’t drain the item (for example, a fish tank) be sure to insulate the item well, so that the temperature stays constant throughout the move.

Winter-proof your car!

If you are driving your car to your new home, be sure that your car is ready for all kinds of winter weather. Get winter tires for the snow and get your car serviced. When moving in the winter, double check that your battery is good and tire pressure is solid. Remember to have a full tank of gas and windshield fluid.  

Bring extra food & supplies when moving in the winter

If you are hiring movers, it can be helpful and kind to have hot food and beverages on hand to help your movers warm them up and regain energy from toiling out in the cold.  It can also be helpful to have a first aid kit and nonperishable food in case something goes wrong and you get stuck on the side of the road. Essentially, when moving in the winter, you can never be too prepared!

Protect your furniture!

One way you can protect your furniture is to wax your furniture and create an additional barrier between your furniture and the weather. Though waxing your furniture can be helpful, it is a time consuming process and may not be necessary for everyone., 

If you choose not to wax your furniture, there are other ways to keep your furniture safe. If you are renting a truck or van, we recommend putting a plastic sheet in the bed of the truck for extra insulation and to help ward away moisture. You can also use waterproof blankets to keep the truck insulated, and keep your furniture safe from humidity, mildew and mold. 

Snow and rain can damage your furniture, appliances and electronics. Be sure to minimize contact with the outdoors in case there is any snow, sleet or rain.

Be prepared for delays!

When moving in the winter, it is likely that you can be delayed for a day or two due to a snowstorm or other inclement weather. Delays can be frustrating, especially if you are unprepared. Consider a potential backup plan in case your move doesn’t go according to schedule. Be sure to contact your moving company or PODS or truck rental if the forecast looks ominous and ask for updates.  

Have a shovel & warm clothes on hand!

When packing your stuff up, remember to keep your winter shovel on hand and easily accessible. This can help you easily create a path to your new house when you arrive at your new home. You can also use rock salts to help melt snow, but be careful because rock salts can also damage certain items like wooden furniture. 

Also, try to have some warm clothes and blankets accessible in your car. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new home and realizing your winter jacket is packed far, far away!

Protect the floors of your new house. 

It would be a huge shame to accidentally damage the floors/carpeting of your new house. Before you move any furniture or boxes inside the home, try to lay out some protective barriers like plastic sheets/floor mats/blankets and so on. 

Turn on your utilities before you arrive!

This is very important when moving in the winter! Be sure to get your electricity, heating and water turned on before you arrive at your new home. It would be quite miserable to move into a cold and unlivable house in the middle of winter. Also try to get your WiFi turned on (though this isn’t as urgent as heat and hot water) so that everything in your house is ready for your arrival.  

 Use plastic storage containers when possible!

Cardboard boxes can be fragile when wet! If you are moving in the winter, try using plastic storage boxes instead. Plastic storage boxes are more durable and can protect your belongings against all kinds of weather. 


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