moving in the rain
Still life shot of an empty room in a house on moving day

There are many unfortunate mishaps that can occur on moving day. One of which is miserable weather, which is always a possibility if you move during the summer. While you may get lucky with sunshine, there is always a chance of rain! The summer is full of thunderstorms and heavy rains that can impact your moving experience. From slippery floors, to damaged furniture, here are the best ways to protect your belongings if you end up moving in the rain!

While light rain shouldn’t be an issue, heavy thunderstorms and rain showers can create some issues. Nonetheless, there are a number of quick solutions you can attempt in case of rain on your moving day. 

10 Tips for Moving in the Rain: 

Use plenty of garbage bags

Garbage bags can be an absolute lifesaver if you end up having to move in the rain. In fact, garbage bags can be used in a number of ways to help keep your belongings dry.  

  1. Use garbage bags to cover your furniture from the rain. You can use garbage bags as an outer layer for waterproof protection. Make sure that the kind of bags you use are waterproof! 
  2. Use garbage bags to line your boxes. To line your boxes, you can put your belongings in a garbage bag, and then in a cardboard box. This way, you can seal your items from the rain.
  3. Moreover, if you are afraid of ruining your floors, you can lay out garbage bags to help prevent damage. However, be careful, because they can be slippery when wet!

Pack using plastic storage containers

If rain is in the forecast, consider using plastic storage containers for packing instead of cardboard moving boxes! Cardboard moving boxes do not always hold up too well in inclement weather. With cardboard boxes, your belongings may get exposed to unwanted moisture. Furthermore, boxes can break down when wet which can leave your belongings vulnerable. Instead, opt for plastic storage containers and make sure you tightly seal them. Not only are they reusable, and better for the planet, but they can also be a better option on a rainy moving day.

Towels are your friend!

Keep dry towels (or paper towels) on hand to help wipe off items as they enter the truck. Hopefully, your furniture won’t be outside in the rain for too long! However, if anything does get wet, be sure to dry it off to avoid excessive damage or moisture. 

Use moving supplies like plastic wrap and moving blankets

When it comes to your couches, antiques or any other prized possessions, you may want to shrink wrap them to avoid moisture. Typically movers will have moving blankets with them. You can use them to protect your items if you do not have plastic wrap.

Wear sturdy shoes!

The rain can lead to slippery floors and pavements so be sure to wear a good pair of shoes. While it can be tempting to wear flip flops on a humid day, you may slip and fall. Or worse, you may drop something on your feet! 

Get all hands on deck!

If you create a system to help load your boxes from the house to the truck, you will be able to minimize exposure to the rain. Consider creating an assembly line! Get a group of people to stand in between your house and the truck and assign them a role. This way, you can load your belongings onto the truck in a faster way. The tighter your assembly line, the less likely it is that your boxes will get soaked in the rain. 

Try to create a short distance to the truck. 

If you can, try to park the truck as close as possible to your house. If you have another door that is closer to the driveway, use that door for moving. However, try not to park the truck in a grassy area, as that can turn into a muddy and messy situation. 

Make a rain canopy!

You can try to use umbrellas and other waterproof covers to cover you as you load items into the truck. Consider setting up a rain shelter as you would if you were camping or hosting a barbecue outdoors. However, if it is a particularly windy day, this solution may not help so much.

Use a professional packing service for extra protection

Packing your items correctly for the rain can be a challenge. However, there are packing services that can help. Professional packers have all of the tools and packing materials to ensure the safety of your items in all kinds of weather conditions. Professional packers use an assortment of packing supplies to wrap and store your items. That way, your items will be thoroughly protected from the rain (or any other weather condition). Moreover, professional packers can assemble and disassemble your furniture for easier transport. 

What should you do if your furniture does get wet?

Of course it is not realistic to shield all of your items completely from the rain. However, if boxes do get wet, be sure to prioritize those boxes in unpacking when you arrive at your new home. That way you can minimize and hopefully avoid any permanent damage.  

Ready to move?

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