moving on a hot day
Soaring temperatures can make moving a difficult feat!

The season for moving has begun! The summer is the most popular time to move, which may explain why you see moving trucks popping up in your neighborhood this time of year. Though the summer is a sticky and sweaty time to move, it is when many people leave their current homes and move onto something new! While the warm weather can bring exciting new beginnings, the heat can make moving feel like an unbearable feat. Here are some tips for surviving a move on a hot day from the experts at USA Preferred Movers!

Call the Movers in Advance!

If you are moving in the summer, you are going to need to be on top of hiring movers! Because moving companies experience their peak season in the summer, it is going to be crucial to schedule movers several months in advance. 

Peak season for moving companies is between May and September! Therefore, you should start inquiring early, if you plan to move during the summer. Moreover, because of this increased demand, movers can be quite a bit more expensive than usual– so this is something to keep in mind.

Start Packing Early!

If you are moving in the summer, you may want to start packing in the springtime, before it gets too hot. Packing and preparing for a move can take weeks, from organizing your belongings, to making donations, to creating a packing list, you don’t want to leave these tasks for the last minute when the weather is hot and heavy.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

There are many health risks that come along with moving in the heat including heat stroke, dehydration and other heat-related illnesses! To prevent feeling sick, be sure to stay hydrated! As obvious as it seems, you need to have water on hand throughout the move. The heat can become dangerous if you are not properly prepared. Get a 24-pack of water bottles to have on hand for the movers and for anyone who needs it! Be sure to keep hydrated throughout packing, moving, cleaning and any other tasks that involve physical exertion or heavy lifting. If you feel yourself getting tired or faint, stop what you are doing. Sit down, catch your breath and drink some water. 

If you need to, change the moving date!

Depending on where you live, you may be facing temperatures surpassing 100 degrees fahrenheit. And, don’t forget the possibility of a heat wave.

Heat waves can make for treacherous moving conditions! While professional movers are equipped to move throughout all times of year, and in all weather conditions, there is no reason to continue with a move if there is a heat wave. Heavy lifting during a heat wave can be fatal. 

Wake up early on moving day!

Try to avoid doing the heavy lifting during the peak heat of the day. This usually means waking up early and working until noon. Then, taking a break, and starting again once the heat has died down. 

Find something to occupy the kids/pets!

Moving with kids and pets can be stressful regardless of the weather. However, if you have a neighbor, family member or friend who can watch your kids/pets during the day, your moving day will go much smoother! And, if your kids are being looked after, you can make sure that they are not suffering through the heat!

Consider a storage unit!

If you don’t feel prepared to move during the peak of the summer, you can always consider putting your belongings into a climate controlled storage unit and then deal with it later. 

Remember that some items can be sensitive to heat!

Candles, medicine, plastics, electronics, food and batteries can get damaged during hot weather! When it comes to electronics, make sure that you are keeping them in an air conditioned room, and out of the sun. The hot weather can cause permanent damage to your electronic devices. 

If you are moving and want to bring any food items, be sure to have them refrigerated until the last minute. Then, transport them in coolers filled with ice.

Wear Sunscreen & Shorts

If you are doing the heavy lifting, T-Shirts and Shorts are the best moving uniform. Make sure to opt for comfortable and breathable clothing if you are moving on a hot day, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Though it may be tempting to wear flip flops, sometimes sneakers are the safest option. 

Prepare a cool-down room!

In addition to cranking the A/C, try to set up some fans around the house to help you cool down during the move. Take breaks when you are feeling tired and make sure to hang out in a cold room if you feel too hot. You can also put some cold wet towels in the fridge and keep them on hand to help cool you off. 

Remember, summer storms can happen!

Though the summer can be full of blazing hot sunny days, thunderstorms and heavy rain are a possibility. Be sure to check the forecast and plan accordingly. When moving in the rain, be sure to use plastic containers and garbage bags to protect your belongings. 

Don’t forget to eat!

While moving days can be long and jam packed with things to do, never forget to eat! Make sandwiches the night before, or order delivery to ensure that you have some food on hand. Also, offer snacks to the movers so that they can have the fuel they need to get the job done!

Ready to move on a hot day?

Moving on a hot day is no walk in the park, however, with a professional moving company like USA Preferred Movers, we can make it look easy. Be sure to inquire with us for a free quote. We offer long distance moving, local moves, storage solutions and more! We also do packing services with furniture assembly.