Are you planning on moving from Arizona to Florida? Here are some things to know! Though Arizona and Florida are located over 2000 miles away from each other, and essentially, on opposite ends of the country, the two states are often compared when considering places to move. In recent years, both states have seen a surge of popularity, and subsequent, population growth. However, some people simply choose to exchange one state for the other. Plenty of people move from Arizona to Florida each year (or vice versa).  And, there are a number of reasons why.

Florida, like Arizona, is full of beautiful golf courses!

Both the states of Arizona and Florida both a number of amenities. From excellent weather to a high quality of life, it’s easy to understand why people make this move. However, there are definitely some adjustments you may need to make upon embarking on this move. Here are some things you should know about moving from Arizona to Florida.


The cost of moving from Arizona to Florida can range from $1500 to upwards of $7000. But, that’s not all you should know about life in these two states if you are planning this move. 

We’ve compiled a guide to help you navigate this move and compare some key features surrounding life in both of these states. Here are some key things to know to help you settle into Florida life!


The climate of Arizona and Florida are quite different. Though neither state experiences harsh winters, the reality of Arizona and Florida heat presents a stark contrast. Arizona is a state with an arid desert climate with unbearably hot summers and year round sun. Meanwhile, Florida has a sticky and humid climate with a rather lengthy rainy and hurricane season. When moving to Florida, you may need to get acquainted with the concept of hurricane insurance and other ways to protect your home in case a storm hits.


Florida can be a tropical paradise due to the many beaches throughout the state. Coming from a landlocked state, Arizonians will most likely love that ocean breeze. However, similar to the adjustment in temperature and hurricane preparation, newcomers to Florida may want to look into Flood insurance, as living by the ocean can create potential liabilities for your home. 


Arizona is the only U.S state that doesn’t observe daylight savings time, which means that moving to Florida means you will have to adjust to that bi-annual time change!


Both Florida and Arizona are popular destinations for retirement. 18% of Arizona’s population is 65 and older and, in Florida, the ratio is slightly higher than that at 20%. Due to the high concentration of retirees in the state, there are many 55+ communities specifically designed for people to safely and comfortably retire. The costs associated with these assisted living communities is comparable to the costs of similar communities in Arizona.


Both states are also known for their beautiful and plentiful golf resorts, which means that if you are a golf lover, you will fit right in with the Floridian way of life.


Arizona, like Florida, is home to a number of vibrant and exciting cities. In Arizona, many of the cities like Scottsdale, Phoenix, Flagstaff and Tucson are located up in the mountains. In fact, Arizona life is often characterized by the proximity to nature, which is excellent for hiking, camping and climbing. Florida is also similar to Arizona when it comes to its diverse landscapes and urbanization. 

Though Florida does not have any beautiful mountain ranges like the Grand Canyon, Florida does have plenty of natural beauties of its own like the Everglades and other national parks, perfect for enjoying a day off the grid.

Whether you are an urbanite or prefer the peace and quiet of nature, there is likely a locale that suits your needs in the state of Florida. Florida has cities like Miami, Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee and also numerous rural and suburban regions within the state as well. 


Arizona and Florida offer a comparable cost of living index, though Arizona is a tiny bit (1.9%) cheaper overall. When it comes to breaking down the cost of living, in Florida, groceries are more expensive, while in Arizona transportation costs are more expensive. That being said, these living costs are an aggregate and can vary dramatically according to the city you live in and your general lifestyle. The most expensive city in AZ is Scottsdale, while the most expensive city in Florida is Miami!


In a similar vein to the range in living costs, real estate costs often depend on the locale. For example real estate in Orlando, Florida is 5% cheaper than Phoenix, Arizona, while real estate in Phoenix is 11% cheaper than Miami. The median sale price in Arizona as of 2022 is $458,000 while the median sale price in Florida (as of 2022) is $415,000. 

When it comes to renting, the median gross rents in the two states are comparable to one another at $1,052 per month in AZ and $1,176 in FL. 


One of the great parts about moving to Florida is the tax break! Florida is one of the several U.S states without any income tax. This can be a huge draw for those looking to make the move to Florida from Arizona.


If you are not retired, Florida can be a wonderful move for your career due to the great economy. Florida has an incredibly low unemployment rate of 2.6% and is home to plenty of industries like Healthcare, Education, Retail, Service and Manufacturing. That being said, the minimum wage in Florida is slightly lower than in Arizona. 

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