It’s no secret that moving can be a huge expense and drain on your wallet. Though Americans move homes approximately 5 times throughout their lifetime, we have yet to develop a tried and true affordable (and reliable) method for seamless relocation. Though moving can be a pricey undertaking, there are ways to minimize your moving expenses. Here is our guide for how to make moving cheaper!

Holding onto boxes from Amazon deliveries can come in handy when its time to move!


Request at least 3 moving quotes.

The best way to save money before any big move is to estimate exactly how much the move will cost you. An easy way to save money on the cost of a move is to request quotes from numerous moving companies. The more quotes you request, the better! Every moving company has a different way of calculating the cost of the move, which can allow you to understand the range of price points for your move. You can also figure out which moving companies charge the lowest prices when you get multiple quotes.  

Calculate a realistic moving budget

Once you have collected a range of moving quotes,  you can calculate what you can afford and what price tag is within your budget. Be sure to set some extra money aside for any extra charges that may arise throughout your move. For example, while professional movers are required to have some basic insurance, the insurance may not adequately cover furniture and the full value of your belongings. There are also additional fees some movers may charge for bulky and oversized items as well as stair charges if you live in a building without an elevator. Also consider budgeting extra money for any potential gratuity you may want to leave your movers. 

Move on your own: rent a U-Haul!

Hiring a moving company is not the only way you can arrange a move. If you would rather do the move yourself, you should try to estimate the cost of your van rental mileage. Renting a van can be cheaper than hiring professional movers but don’t forget about the additional fees (potential parking tickets, gas, insurance, hotel stays) and so forth. 

Start saving up at least 3 months before the move!

Moving is a long and time-consuming process. It can take several months to plan, pack and organize the logistics of your move. We recommend putting a bit of money away starting from at least 3 months before the move. When saving for a move, you may have to limit expenses like going out to eat, shopping, travel and other unnecessary expenses. 

Move off-season when there is lower demand!

Moving is an industry that has high seasons and low seasons. This means that if you are flexible with your moving dates, you can try to schedule a move during the low season (October-April) and save some extra money on the move! You can also try moving during the middle of the week and see if moving companies in your area are offering any deals. Moves mostly take place on weekends so scheduling a move during the middle of the week can help you potentially score a deal. 

Ship some items via USPS!

While USPS shipping can be expensive, there are some instances where you can ship at an affordable rate! Books (and other educational materials) can be shipped at a discounted price via USPS Media Mail. With USPS Media Mail, you can mail 70 pounds of books for only $40. 

Don’t buy packing supplies!

Packing supplies can be easy (and, even, free) to obtain. Depending on how much time you have before your move, you don’t need to spend any money on packing supplies. Be sure to hold onto any cardboard boxes or packing supplies you receive in the mail from package deliveries! Local businesses often have leftover boxes that they don’t need. You can go to the local clothing stores or big brand stores and ask about their recycling schedule.  Another option is to use objects you already have (plastic storage containers, Ikea bags, suitcases) or leave your clothing in dressers and wardrobes and securely tape them shut. 

Invest in reusable crates!

Another idea for saving money on packing supplies is to invest in reusable crates that you can use for all of your future moves! Reusable crates are far more durable and sustainable than cardboard boxes and can better protect your belongings during the move. 

Don’t do any moving add-ons!

Moving companies will offer several additional paid services like packing and furniture assembly. If you are on a strict moving budget, you will most likely want to do these tasks yourself.

Get your family and friends to help!

The good news is that instead of hiring professional movers for a hefty fee, you can ask your family and friends to help you for free. If they are not available, consider hiring a Taskrabbit for an affordable hourly rate to help. 

Hold a garage sale!

Moving is significantly cheaper when you have less stuff to move! While storage can be an option, storage costs can add up. So, instead of paying for monthly storage to house belongings that you may or may not need, consider selling or consigning your unwanted items. A garage sale is a great way to get rid of a lot of items at once and make a bit of money doing so! 

Stay on top of your subscriptions/utilities. 

 Forgetting to cancel your subscriptions can turn into a silly waste of money. If you are moving, turn on mail forwarding so that you don’t accidentally send any packages to your old address. In a similar manner, If you are moving be sure to transfer your utilities in a timely manner so that you are not paying for services that you don’t need.

How to make moving cheaper: Don’t cut corners! 

While it can be tempting to do everything possible to save money on your move, you may end up spending more money in the long run by going with the cheapest company you find. In a similar vein, you may end up in a difficult situation if you decide to rent a U-Haul and have never moved by yourself before. If you hire inexperienced movers, or are inexperienced at moving, you can create more problems for yourself and end up spending more money to fix them down the line.

Ready to move?

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