Is it true? Is everyone moving to Florida?

Why is everyone moving to Florida?

Over the past few years, it may seem like everyone you know is moving to Florida. And, in some ways, that may be the truth: Florida has become a popular destination. Since 2020, Florida has amassed a wealth of new residents flocking from other states. From July 2020 to July 2021 the population of Florida grew by 1%, outpacing every other U.S state except for Texas. 

According to The Tampa Bay Times: “What we do know is the state had 221,000 more residents arrive from other U.S. states than leave from July 2020 to July of last year, according to the latest population estimates from the Census Bureau. That’s Florida’s largest gain in residents from within the U.S. since 2005.”

Why is everyone moving to Florida?

The only other state boasting more population growth than Florida was Texas, which grew by 1.1%, adding 310,288 new residents. Meanwhile, New York was the state that saw the greatest net population decline during that time period, followed by Illinois and California. Florida’s laissez faire lockdown policies are often credited for the pandemic-time population and economic growth. 

So, what are the benefits of moving to Florida?

Warm Weather & Beautiful Beaches

Clearwater beach with beautiful white sand in Florida

It’s no secret that Floridians get to enjoy warm weather year round. With temperatures rarely going below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, Florida can be an attractive destination for those looking to escape cold winters. Moreover, the state is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. Aside from the famous Southern Florida destinations of Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Key West, there are also gorgeous beaches in Destin, Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg and St. Augustine, which is up in North Florida. The Sunshine State is home to two gorgeous bodies of water: the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Coast, offering different styles of aquatic and beach terrain.

Endless Things To Do

There’s also a lot to do in the state of Florida! Aside from its gorgeous beaches, Florida is famous for its nightlife, restaurant culture, live performances, golf resorts, art museums, historical sites, natural parks, botanical gardens and more. Furthermore, Florida is home to some of the largest and famous theme parks in the world such as Epcot, Walt Disney World, Harry Potter World and Universal Studios. Florida residents can even score discounts to these amusement parks! However, Florida is not only a haven for beach-lovers and sun-bathers. Florida is also an attractive destination due to its bustling economy and lax tax policies. 

A Strong Economy & No State Income Tax

There are also a number of economic benefits of moving to Florida. For one, there is no state income tax in Florida which means that you can actually make a bit of money when you move, especially if you have a remote job. Though, of course, this tax benefit largely depends on the state you are moving from.

Moreover, it’s no secret that the economic opportunities in Florida are abundant. Florida has a bustling economy the size of $1.2 trillion, the fourth largest of any state. With a booming real estate market, many have chosen Florida as a great place to invest in property, small businesses and short term rentals. A number of big companies like Blackstone, Goldman Sachs and JetBlue have recently opened major offices in Florida which also signals that employment opportunities in the state are growing. 

Cultural & Natural Diversity

Florida is also an exciting place to live due to its vast cultural and natural diversity. Florida is home to hundreds of nationalities. In Miami, alone, over 128 different languages are spoken. This means that Floridians are exposed to a plethora of various cuisines, music and cultures; all of which can make life in Florida super interesting. 

In terms of Florida’s natural terrain, there are a wealth of natural reserves which are great for camping, hiking, fishing, manatee watching, alligator spotting, kayaking and more! Nature lovers can visit a number of national parks, caves, waterfalls, natural springs, botanical gardens throughout Florida. 

What are the downsides about moving to Florida?

Can Be Expensive!

While there are a number of benefits of relocating to Florida, there are also certain negatives when it comes to living in Florida. First and foremost, some parts of Florida can be really expensive and prices only seem to keep growing. This is true in beachfront areas of South Florida (like Palm Beach, Key West and Miami), where the real estate prices and rents have skyrocketed recently, making it more and more difficult to secure an affordable place. However, there are also parts of Florida that are very affordable. In fact, the cities of Jacksonville, Orlando and Gainesville have a cost of living that is lower than the U.S national average. 

Low Minimum Wage

Another downside to moving to Florida is the minimum wage. The wages in Florida are lower than other states in the U.S like New York and California. However, at $10.00 an hour, the Florida minimum wage is still higher than the federal minimum wage ($7.25)

Weather Problems

Though Floridians enjoy lots of sunshine, they also face some weather problems such as flooding and an annual hurricane season, which lasts from June 1 to November 30th. In general, the areas most prone to hurricanes are Northwest Florida and Southwest Florida. 

Due to the high risk of flooding in Florida, it is recommended to have flood insurance on your home, especially in high risk flooding areas. 

So, should you consider moving to Florida?

While, ultimately this decision is up to you, we believe that Florida is a wonderful place for relocation! Florida is a large state with lots of nature, opportunities and cultural diversity. From the nightlife to the wildlife, there is something for everyone in this state! But, before you decide to move to Florida, be sure to do your research to see what part of Florida fits your budget, lifestyle and needs. 


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