Should I Move to Atlanta?

Atlanta, Georgia is a bustling metropolis with plenty to offer its residents. In recent years, many people have packed up from cities like New York, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas and Los Angeles to relocate and call Atlanta home. In fact, Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, with a regional population growth of 1.3% over the last year. So, if you are asking: ‘Should I move to Atlanta?’ We’ve got a list with pros and cons about life in Atlanta to help you figure that out. 



Atlanta is a huge destination for anyone who wants to move their careers further along. Atlanta is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies including Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Mercedes-Benz, Home Depot, SunTrust, WestRock to name a few. With 16 Fortune 500 Companies headquartered in ATL, Atlanta has one of the highest concentrations of Fortune 500 companies in the country. 


The Gorgeous Trees of Atlanta!

Often referred to as a “City Of Trees,” Atlanta stands out from other metropolises due to its high concentration of greenery. Over 50% of the city is covered in trees. There are many efforts in place to preserve this one of a kind tree canopy against threats of construction projects that would require deforestation. There are over 250 species of trees native to the state of Georgia. 

In the surrounding area of Atlanta, there are plenty of nature reserves, rivers, creeks and mountains to visit if you enjoy hiking and camping.


Atlanta remains an affordable city despite its growing popularity. The average rent in Atlanta for a 1 bedroom apartment is around $1636 per month. Meanwhile, when it comes to real estate, the median listing price in Atlanta is $429k, as of September 2022. However, the price point will largely depend on the area of Atlanta as well as the amenities and condition of the property. Compared to a city like New York, Atlanta has a cost of living that is 44% cheaper. 


Atlanta is a hub for music lovers! Atlanta is the capital of R&B, gospel, neo-soul and hip-hop. ATL is also a good place for some good ol’ rock music. There are plenty of music venues for all kinds of music lovers including: Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint, City Winery and Eddie’s Attic. Atlanta is also home to several popular outdoor music festivals like Music Midtown and Shaky Knees!

Public transit

While most people in Atlanta need a car to get around, there are several options for public transportation. The MARTA (The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) provides 47.6 miles of rail, streetcars and bus transit options. Though the options are limited,There are neighborhoods in Atlanta that are walkable including Downtown and Midtown. 


As the host of the 1996 Olympics, Atlanta has become an international hub for visitors all over the world. Atlanta is home to one of the top 10 busiest airports in the world–Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This can be a huge bonus if you are a flight attendant or have a job that involves flying! The Atlanta airport employs over 63,000 people. 


While Atlanta doesn’t have a stellar reputation for safety, the crime rate in the city has been steadily dropping over the past few decades. Obviously, this depends on the area. But, in Midtown, violent crimes and property crimes have dropped since 1990


The Atlanta metro area is HUGE! Sprawling over 8300 square miles, Atlanta is considered the 8th largest metropolis in the U.S. ATL is made up of a variety of neighborhoods and suburbs including these popular locales: Morningside, Virginia Highland, Cabbagetown, East Atlanta, Downtown and Druid Hills. In Atlanta, you can find a local area that suits your lifestyle and budget. There is a distinction in Atlanta known as Inside The Perimeter (ITP) and (OTP) Outside the Perimeter– everything outside interstate 285. 

When it comes to young professionals, they tend to flock to: Midtown, Buckhead, Candler Park, Inman Park, Little 5 Points and Old Fourth Ward. When it comes to raising a family, the suburbs that are popular include Peachtree City, Alpharetta, Brookhaven, Decatur and Johns Creek. 


Atlanta is a great place to move if you are looking to pursue a degree. Atlanta houses some of the best universities in the U.S. including Emory University, Georgia State, Morehouse and Georgia Tech. Life for students in Atlanta can be super fulfilling due to the concentration of music venues, restaurants, bars, parks and museums in the city.

Short winters!

Atlanta winters are short and mild with daytime highs averaging 50-60 degrees. Though Atlanta can get cold and the occasional snow fall, Atlanta winters will feel like a breeze if you are coming from the Northeast


While there are many reasons you should consider moving to Atlanta, there are also reasons why you may hesitate to pack your bags. 

Cars & Traffic

The traffic in Atlanta is notoriously terrible! Atlanta is ranked in the top 10 worst cities for traffic in the U.S.A. This is something to consider if you hate being stuck in a car. 

While there are some public transit options, you most likely will need to pay for a car, insurance and gas, which can add up in your cost of living. 

In Atlanta, the average commuter is delayed due to traffic by 37 hours each year!

Really hot summers

Atlanta is a hotter climate with muggy and buggy weather (80+ degrees) for 4 months of the year. Moreover, the summers are full of bugs that can make the summer days hard to enjoy. 


Though crime has decreased rapidly, Atlanta is still a city with higher crime rates. In Atlanta, you have a 1 in 134 of being the victim of a violent crime and a 1 in 27 chance of being the victim of a property crime. 

Growing prices

While the prices in Atlanta are still relatively affordable, they have been growing fast. Home prices in Atlanta are up 10.6% year to year, which is making it more difficult to afford a home. There are also reports of a housing shortage, where demand outpaces supply and inventory. 


If you’ve decided that a move to Atlanta is right for you, be sure to reach out to USA Preferred Movers and request a free quote. Our professional Georgia movers will help you get moved into your new Atlanta home!