Is Moving to Arizona a good idea?

Welcome to Arizona, an incredibly popular relocation choice as of late. In fact, Arizona has been ranked one of the top 10 most popular states to move to in 2020. Over the course of the pandemic, the state has seen more people moving to the state than leaving. Furthermore, according to U-Haul, the number of people moving to Arizona via a one-way U-haul truck rental has risen by 6% over the past year. So, all of this relocation data begs the question: why are people so excited about moving to Arizona?


First off, the Grand Canyon state is home to more than just the Grand Canyon! Arizona is home to one of the largest economies in the United States. With a GDP of over 270 billion, there are numerous job opportunities available in the state of Arizona. Due to the plethora of mining deposits throughout the state, Arizona is the number one producer of Copper. 


One of the top reasons for moving to Arizona is retirement, as cited by a United Vans Line Study. There are a number of popular retirement communities in Arizona that offer assisted living, in addition to leisure facilities like golf courses, tennis courts, and swimming pools. These gated style assisted living communities can be safe and comfortable options for those looking to retire. 


Arizona is one of the sunniest places to live in the U.S and a perfect place to go if you want to avoid winter. With over 300 sunny days a year in Phoenix, it’s no wonder why so many people are moving to AZ. The warm weather in Arizona is optimal for lots of outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, boating and camping.

The warm climate in Arizona can be a huge draw to those who love the outdoors.


As mentioned earlier, the hot job market is also an alluring reason to relocate to Arizona. In the same United Van Lines study that cited retirement as the most common reason for their move to AZ, the second most popular reason for relocating to Arizona was for their job market. In fact, Phoenix, the AZ state capital, ranks as the second top performing labor market in the U.S, after Dallas, Texas

Arizona has a low unemployment rate of 3.7%, which shows just how bountiful the AZ job market may be and the strength of Arizona’s economy. Moreover, the Arizona state minimum wage is $12.80 which is considerably higher (almost double) than the federal minimum wage. 


Arizona can be a popular destination for aspiring young professionals due to the number of highly ranked universities in the state. Arizona State University in Tempe is an excellent choice for higher education, with one of the largest student enrollments in the United States. 


Despite the high wages and plethora of job opportunities in Arizona, the cost of living remains relatively affordable.

In fact, many Californians from expensive cities in California like Los Angeles and San Francisco have chosen to sell their California properties and move to Arizona to improve their quality of life and get more bank for their buck. Life in Arizona is around 30% cheaper than California when you consider the following: groceries, childcare, transportation, and general housing costs. 


Depending on where you move from, you may get to pay lower taxes as an Arizona resident. While Arizona is not a no income tax rate state, Arizona is a low income tax state.with a lower tax rate than say California or New York. 


Northern and Southern Arizona is known for their unbelievable canyons, mountains and red rock. Whether or not you are interested in hiking or camping, living in Arizona exposes you to some of the most beautiful views in the world. Arizona is home to an abundance of national parks like the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Sonoran Desert and Vermillion Cliffs.

One of the many Cactus plants native to Arizona. Fun fact: cutting down a Cactus in AZ is a punishable offense… so here’s hoping you like the sight of Cacti!

Why is moving to Arizona a bad idea? What are the cons of living in Arizona?

Despite the many advantages of moving to Arizona, life in Arizona is not perfect. There are many features of AZ life that may dissuade certain people from moving there.  


While the concept of “dry heat’’ may sound appealing, Arizona still gets unbearably hot. The summers are scorching, so be prepared for 100+ degree weather and expensive A.C bills. 

Arizona also has a yearly monsoon season from June to August. The monsoon season can leave you vulnerable to dust storms and thunderstorms. 

And, despite the famous Arizona heat and desert climate, some parts of Northern Arizona like Flagstaff are located in the mountains and have an entirely different (and colder) climate.


While many of Arizona’s larger cities like Phoenix and Tucson do have decent public transit systems, in general, your best bet is to get around by car which may subject you to hours in traffic and rising gas prices. 


Many of Arizona’s cities have seen a boom in population, followed by a surge in rent prices. The city of Phoenix has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with rent prices growing 28% year to year. While the average rent for an apartment in Phoenix is around $1600, many fear that these prices may grow even higher due to the influx of new residents. Downtown Pheonix is becoming an incredibly attractive place to live, thanks to its many bars, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Moreover, though the average cost of a home in AZ remains reasonable at $335,000, home values have soared in the last year. This may make home ownership even more unattainable in the future.

So, should you be moving to Arizona?

Like most other big decisions in life, deciding where to move typically comes down to personal choice. Arizona offers a specific lifestyle that may not suit everyone’s needs and preferences. That being said, Arizona has many big cities that are worth checking out like Sedona, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Tempe, Flagstaff, Mesa and Glendale.

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