Dallas, Texas is the third largest city in the Lone Star State. Home to a population of almost 1.3 million, Dallas is a vibrant city with plenty of museums, bars, restaurants and other amenities. Dallas is the biggest city in the greater metro area (which consists of Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving and Plano). Dallas is a city that has been growing rapidly. In fact, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is considered the fastest growing metropolis in the U.S.A. The allure of Dallas is hard to miss, when you consider all of the wonderful aspects of life in the Big D. So are you considering moving to Dallas? Here is a list of 11 reasons to move to Dallas:

move to dallas
Gorgeous Dallas Skyline at Sunset


Life in Dallas is full of beautiful and exciting experiences. From the food, to the art, to the economic opportunities, moving to Dallas can be a huge step forward for you.


Texas is a state with no income tax, which can be a huge advantage for those looking for a tax break. In the United States, there are only 9 states that do not collect any personal income tax. 


Dallas is conveniently situated in the heart of Northern Texas. With easy access to Austin, Houston and other major cities, Dallas can be a great base for those who need to travel for work (or for leisure). Furthermore, the Dallas International Airport flies all over the world, offering direct flights to Europe and Asia. 


The weather in Dallas can get exceptionally hot, however, winters are generally mild and comfortable. The shorter winters can be a great plus for those who hate bundling up for months at a time. The coldest month in Dallas in January where you will experience average high temperatures of 57 degrees Fahrenheit and average lows of 37.


With the rise of inflation, affordability has never been more important. Dallas remains a relatively affordable city for the quality of life it offers. In Dallas, you can rent a 2 bedroom apartment for around $1600. In addition to covering rent, a single person will need around $1100 a month to cover their monthly expenses (transportation, food, healthcare). While this may sound like a lot, the cost of living in Dallas is only around 4% higher than the national average.


Dallas is home to a huge and exciting art scene. The city is full of outstanding cultural institutions and museums including:

  • The Dallas Museum of Art which is one of the biggest museums in the US.
  • Crow Museum of Asian Art dedicated to the history, art and culture of Asia.
  • Nasher Sculpture Center

The area that houses these museums is known as the Dallas Arts District, however, there are also other galleries and museums in other parts of Dallas. 

Furthermore, though not exactly a museum, The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is one of a kind destination for those who like natural beauty, flowers and plants. 


Dallas is full of cool neighborhoods with excellent bar scenes, breweries, cocktail bars, galleries, boutiques and live music. Similar to areas you’d find in Portland, Austin and Nashville, there are plenty of cool layabouts in the Dallas area. Check out Deep Ellum, Knox-Henderson, Uptown, Bishops Art District and the Design District if you want to check out the young and hip areas of Dallas.


In addition to hip hideaways, Dallas is also full of fine dining restaurants, swanky bars and luxury shopping. If you are someone who likes to splurge, there are plenty of upscale shopping malls to visit like Highland Park Village and West Village. 


Dallas is a great place for raising kids. There is not only plenty to do in terms of sports, and recreation, but the public school district is also highly regarded. The best public school districts in Dallas are Carroll ISD & Highland Park ISD. For more information about the public school rankings in Dallas, check out Niche’s rating system.


Dallas is the 5th largest growing economy in the U.S! Dallas is an excellent city for business and boasts an average annual salary of $65,683 (which equals $31 an hour). There are numerous industries based in the city including information technology, oil & gas sector, food & agriculture, healthcare, financial services and defense. The city has also become a hub for airlines and manufacturing services. 

As of present, there are 24 Fortune 500 companies based in Dallas (including AT&T, ExxonMobil, Texas Instruments, American Airlines and more). The only two cities in the U.S with more are New York and Chicago. Moreover, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is poised to grow to a city of 11 million by 2040, which means that the opportunities will just keep on coming.


Dallas is a diverse city full of people from all over the world. You will be able to eat delicious Tex-Mex food, Indian food, Ethiopian food, Asian food, BBQ and more. The cuisine in Dallas blends Southern cuisine with international influences to offer unique and delicious flavors. 


Home to 7 professional sports teams, Dallas is a huge city for sports fans. From the Dallas Cowboys to the Dallas Mavericks, there is always a game on and a local team to root for. 


While life in Dallas is full of advantages, there are also some downsides to life in Dallas. Here are a few:  


While Dallas does have a public transit system known as the DART, most people do drive. The distances in Dallas are enormous so you may spend a lot of time in your car and in bumper to bumper traffic. 


The rapid growth of Dallas has its downsides. In the past few years, Dallas real estate prices have experienced a 30.8% YoY growth. Moreover, the consumer price index shows that food prices have grown 14.2% year to year. While inflation has affected the entire country, statistics show that inflation has hit Dallas even more.


Due to the rapid growth of the city, there is ALWAYS construction going on. This can be frustrating if you prefer a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere. 


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